Noble retro LED light set for safe rides in the dark. The ball design, the built-in reflector and the diameter (70 mm) are reminiscent of the authentic style of the lights from the 40s – the LED technology brings us to the modern age! The front light is mounted on the front brake with the included bracket. The rear light is attached directly to the mudguard with the help of a screw.

• LED light set for safe lighting in the dark
• Classic retro design
• High light and reflector output
• For attachment to fork & mudguard
Functions On/ Off
Headlight 1x white LED
Rearlight 1x red LED
Material Polymer
Batteries including
Color chrome
Suitable for the following models:
• 8Speed Lady City
• 8Speed Lady Comfort
• 8Speed Men Classic
• 8Speed Men Comfort
• 16Speed Lady City



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