Siech-Cycle at its best. This 16-speed Urban Bike is the flagship of Siech-Cycles for agile and fast city traffic. At its core it is a classic racing bike with race geometry and sporty saddle, but in addition it offers an upright and therefore more comfortable sitting position due to the flat handlebar. SHIMANO’s 16-speed CLARIS gearshift ensures optimum gear ratios, even on the steepest gradients. Saddle and handlebar grips are made of high-quality genuine leather. An eye-catcher.

Class and elegance for city and country. This elegant 8-speed bike is suitable for city rides as well as green cycle paths. The Classic frame, the Komport saddle and the elegant Rise handlebar allow you to sit comfortably and upright. With SHIMANO’s 8-speed CLARIS gearshift, you’ll be able to gear up on flat terrain as well as uphill. A high quality bike with saddle and genuine leather handles.

The little brother of the 16Speed. Like the 16Speed Men Urban, this bike is based on the classic road bike, has a sporty saddle, but offers an upright and therefore more comfortable sitting position thanks to the flat handlebar. It is manoeuvrable and, thanks to SHIMANO’s 8-speed CLARIS gears, suitable for flat or inclined terrain. Saddle and handlebar grips in noble suede look round off the design.

The elegant road bike. This Race-Bike corresponds in its execution to a classical road bike. The perfect choice for the sporty rider who is agile and fast in city traffic. SHIMANO’s 8-speed CLARIS gearshift offers you the optimum gear ratio for every gradient – whether on the flat or on uphill gradients. The saddle and the suede-look grips are a classy finish.

The popular lifestyle accessory. Our Singlespeed-Bike was developed for riding on level roads and carries you fast and uncomplicated from A to B. It is equipped with a sporty saddle and Rise handlebar in a noble suede look. If you wish, you can convert it from single speed to fixed barrel in just a few simple steps. This is how functional design works: The Singlespeed is live style.