The first real bike for the kids. When the bike gets too small, it needs a light, sporty bike that prepares the kids for the road. The 16” Kids Bike is with 5.9kg not only the lightest kids bike on the market but also the coolest. The lightweight frame is made of aluminum, the Gates belt drive is state-of-the-art and low maintenance. The saddle height is adjustable from 48cm to 58cm and allows the bike to be used for several years.

  • light green 349 CHF

  • rose 349 CHF

  • light blue 349 CHF

  • army green 349 CHF

  • silver 349 CHF

  • navy blue 349 CHF


The Mini-Siech. The wheel for kids aged 2-5 years who want to look good on the playground. On this 12″ Balance Bike your child learns how to keep his balance and strengthens his motor skills. The frame is made of light steel, handlebar and saddle are height adjustable, the handles are made of robust imitation leather. And a must for a design piece: the Kids Bikes naturally also match the colours of boys and girls.

  • rose 179 CHF

  • chrome 179 CHF

  • white 179 CHF

  • light green 179 CHF

  • black 179 CHF

  • silver 179 CHF

  • navy blue 179 CHF

  • army green 179 CHF